Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Story of Loss and Practicality

There once was a very happy lady who was married to a very kind man. The happy lady adored classic VW Beetles, and always dreamed of someday owning one. The very kind man loved the happy lady so much, he bought one for her.

And they lived on even more happily.
Unfortunately, the man and woman did not really think about the implications of owning a car that could/should not be driven in the winter time. Living in Kansas, this was a difficult thing. But winter passed and the man and woman lived blissfully driving around town in their cute little car.

However, with this particular couple, practicality must win out in the end (plus, winter is coming!). The very kind man, though so sad to have to do so, is now shopping for a Toyota Camry for the happy lady to replace her little Bug. And the happy lady, though slightly less happy than before, understands that it is silly to own two cars plus a hobby car when you have a mortgage you would really like to pay off early.

So the happy lady got a call in response to an add, and will be showing her cute bug to a stranger/potential buyer this coming weekend. The happy lady feels lucky to have had her dream car, if only for a little while. And the happy lady will continue the search for that strangely elusive 2004 camry.


Tricia said...

I feel honored to have had a ride in Rosalyn. She will surely give love and frivolity to another happy lady.

Shawna said...

so why can't it be driven in the winter? I'm confused?

lanes said...

I never did have a ride in that old girl... sniff.

Rachel said...


It's a very light car, and pretty dangerous on slippery roads. Also, you have to be careful not to let the floorpans rust on old bugs, and the salt from the roads in winter can really mess them up. Not to mention that there is NO HEAT in the car (my biggest complaint!)

tsbjf said...

This is sad.