Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Got A Friend In Me

Have you ever read these blogs? Because they are some of my very favorite people.

Tricia never seems to get angry at anyone. And after living with Elena and I and all of our terrible pranks, that is something to be said! We may have even been so terrible as to pull her pants down in a local grocery store...
but she still loves us. What a gal. T, I love you!

Elena is this crazy mix of intense sauciness and sweet sincerity. She can be as nuts as you want, but knows how to be a good listener when you need it. I love my little girl.

And now that I've written this sappy post, you two should feel very guilty if you don't hang out with me this weekend! That is all.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This past weekend was really fun. My dad and three of my siblings drove from the east coast for a short, eventful trip. Our church celebrated a big anniversary, my nephew celebrated a birthday, and there was much fun had by all. One of my siblings even stayed behind. For good.

Speaking of that sibling, she is currently at my house while I sit here at work. Jono had to leave town briefly, and as I never like being alone, she had a slumber party with me. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't have a car yet. So, she gets to sit at my house and (hopefully) do the dishes.

Just kidding. Mostly.

Anyway, I am reminded a lot lately of the value of our family. Especially since there are so many we don't get to see nearly enough. Jono and I are very blessed to have immediate and extended family that we really love to be around. And once you add on all the not-really-related-but-loved-just-as-much friends, it's easy to see that we are leading a blessed life.

I have everything I need (and more!). If I can't be content right now, I'll never be.

Perhaps today we should all think about how lucky we truly are. Just try to be in a bad mood after that. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Opportunities

Last night my husband, brother-in-law and I were invited to a cousin's surprise 16th birthday party. We were happy to go, especially since we hardly ever see that side of the family.

Apparently the cousins have been getting into swing dancing, so the party had a lot of kids who had been learning all about it. It would have been lots of fun to learn, but since almost everyone in the room already knew how, there wasn't a lot of teaching going on. So, instead, the three of us spent the first part of the evening standing by the drink table, watching and feeling old. It has been a while since I have been around that many high schoolers, and I certainly felt a bit out of place. But they were all really nice kids, and soon the dancing gave way to some games.

All in all, I'm still glad we went to wish her a happy birthday. Not to mention the fact that (being a homeschooler) I've never gotten to be a wallflower before. It's good to try new things. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Remember me?

It's been a while, but I think only one or two people have noticed. Everyone is actually busy, you know, living. I won't begrudge them.

Life is good. Better than I deserve, in fact.

We started taking an FPU class, which has been interesting. It definitely puts Jono and I on the same page as far as our spending goes, and I think that is a huge relief to my husband. While I am not a believer in wasting large sums of money, I am a believer in excessive generosity. However, one cannot be excessively generous when one does not make excessive amounts of money. Go figure. We have a plan, though, and it hasn't even been that hard to stick to it once we figured it all out.

Another new thing has been our eating habits. 'Bout time, I suppose. We picked up the South Beach diet and have been doing that for about a month. Jono doesn't really need to lose anything, but I feel better knowing that we're both eating healthy foods. I have managed to lose 15 pounds, so I'm slowly admitting that it's worth it.

The one catch to this is that we have been creating the most monstrous piles of dishes that you can imagine. When every bit of counter and table space in the kitchen was overrun, we decided we had better get on top of it. Whoops.

Other than that we are the same, old, boring married couple who are more busy than we like, but unable to cut anything out at the present.

What an exciting update...