Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Got A Friend In Me

Have you ever read these blogs? Because they are some of my very favorite people.

Tricia never seems to get angry at anyone. And after living with Elena and I and all of our terrible pranks, that is something to be said! We may have even been so terrible as to pull her pants down in a local grocery store...
but she still loves us. What a gal. T, I love you!

Elena is this crazy mix of intense sauciness and sweet sincerity. She can be as nuts as you want, but knows how to be a good listener when you need it. I love my little girl.

And now that I've written this sappy post, you two should feel very guilty if you don't hang out with me this weekend! That is all.


lanes said...

Awww!! You're making me all teary-eyed, for real! I love my Rachel so much. :) And I already told you I would hang out with you on Friday!

Tricia said...

Rachel! I was just this morning thinking of doing a blog like this about you and Elena... that is too weird.

And maybe I didn't get mad about the Dillon's episode because I liked you two pulling down my pants... (you forgot that I am skilled at being creepy)

No really, I love you and I'm excited about hanging with YOU! Tomorrow!!!

tsbjf said...

Hi Rachel!