Friday, June 19, 2009

Here I Be.

We got home from our wonderful vacation. Too bad.
Jono had to leave to work out of town early the next morning. It sucked.
I tried to think about the great trip and how thankful I should be. I failed.
I need to work on that whole gratefulness thing. I'm a butt.

Seriously, though. The trip was so great. Time with family, fun things, going places I've never been. I felt like I was in desperate need for a vacation when I left. Now I feel like that again. My sweetie being gone didn't really help my attitude.

That's just it though. I have a bad attitude. My life is good, and I have no excuse.

While Jono was gone I spent time with some really good friends. I think my weekly canasta night with Magen is going to be a highlight of the summer. :) I also enjoy watching The Shat flounder about and cracking me up. Elena makes it better.

And, best of all, my man came home last night. Maybe 4 days shouldn't seem that long, but they did. With him back and 9 1/2 solid hours of sleep last night, my outlook on life is considerably improved.

Vacation pictures to come :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dr. Leo Marvin

I'm going on vacation tomorrow.

I will visit Baltimore, D.C., NYC, and the Atlantic Ocean.

And there was much rejoicing.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun, Friends, and Fear

Jono was working out of town this week, but got in last night at around 11:15. It's so wonderful to have him home.

I was able to have lots of fun passing his time away with some friends, though. After hanging out and playing Canasta, Magen decided that she wanted to revisit some memories from her childhood via the carnival that was in town.

There were some memorable moments.

  • Booths that were manned by men who were arguably more annoying than car salesman.
  • Millions of cigarette butts.
  • A cotton candy vendor who used her bare hands to glean the candy from the machine (and wiped it off her arms into the bag).
  • Rides that may not have been maintenanced since the 80's.
  • A lady demonstrating how to carry your cigarette box around if you don't have pockets or sleeves. (Didn't you know? The bra is an excellent place for this!)

We didn't end up buying a single ticket for a ride, but we were much entertained. :)