Friday, June 19, 2009

Here I Be.

We got home from our wonderful vacation. Too bad.
Jono had to leave to work out of town early the next morning. It sucked.
I tried to think about the great trip and how thankful I should be. I failed.
I need to work on that whole gratefulness thing. I'm a butt.

Seriously, though. The trip was so great. Time with family, fun things, going places I've never been. I felt like I was in desperate need for a vacation when I left. Now I feel like that again. My sweetie being gone didn't really help my attitude.

That's just it though. I have a bad attitude. My life is good, and I have no excuse.

While Jono was gone I spent time with some really good friends. I think my weekly canasta night with Magen is going to be a highlight of the summer. :) I also enjoy watching The Shat flounder about and cracking me up. Elena makes it better.

And, best of all, my man came home last night. Maybe 4 days shouldn't seem that long, but they did. With him back and 9 1/2 solid hours of sleep last night, my outlook on life is considerably improved.

Vacation pictures to come :)


Annemarie said...

Glad you had a good time! Yay for pictures!

Tricia said...

Seriously seriously seriously can I play Canasta with you girls?

lanes said...

HAHAHA, that episode with Shat x 2 was the Shat at his FINEST! hehehee