Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This past weekend was really fun. My dad and three of my siblings drove from the east coast for a short, eventful trip. Our church celebrated a big anniversary, my nephew celebrated a birthday, and there was much fun had by all. One of my siblings even stayed behind. For good.

Speaking of that sibling, she is currently at my house while I sit here at work. Jono had to leave town briefly, and as I never like being alone, she had a slumber party with me. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't have a car yet. So, she gets to sit at my house and (hopefully) do the dishes.

Just kidding. Mostly.

Anyway, I am reminded a lot lately of the value of our family. Especially since there are so many we don't get to see nearly enough. Jono and I are very blessed to have immediate and extended family that we really love to be around. And once you add on all the not-really-related-but-loved-just-as-much friends, it's easy to see that we are leading a blessed life.

I have everything I need (and more!). If I can't be content right now, I'll never be.

Perhaps today we should all think about how lucky we truly are. Just try to be in a bad mood after that. :)


Joy said...

:) "Just kidding. Mostly." :)