Friday, February 13, 2009

Remember me?

It's been a while, but I think only one or two people have noticed. Everyone is actually busy, you know, living. I won't begrudge them.

Life is good. Better than I deserve, in fact.

We started taking an FPU class, which has been interesting. It definitely puts Jono and I on the same page as far as our spending goes, and I think that is a huge relief to my husband. While I am not a believer in wasting large sums of money, I am a believer in excessive generosity. However, one cannot be excessively generous when one does not make excessive amounts of money. Go figure. We have a plan, though, and it hasn't even been that hard to stick to it once we figured it all out.

Another new thing has been our eating habits. 'Bout time, I suppose. We picked up the South Beach diet and have been doing that for about a month. Jono doesn't really need to lose anything, but I feel better knowing that we're both eating healthy foods. I have managed to lose 15 pounds, so I'm slowly admitting that it's worth it.

The one catch to this is that we have been creating the most monstrous piles of dishes that you can imagine. When every bit of counter and table space in the kitchen was overrun, we decided we had better get on top of it. Whoops.

Other than that we are the same, old, boring married couple who are more busy than we like, but unable to cut anything out at the present.

What an exciting update...


lanes said...

Rachel, that's so great that you've been losing weight! I can definitely tell and you look fabulous! :) Update more, please... even if it's "boring married couple" stuff. I like it. Because I like you.

Annemarie said...
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Annemarie said...

I totally missed you too. But I admit I've been lacking inspiration lately too.

Joy said...

I've been checking, Lady! :) You all are going to convert me to this south beach stuff yet...after the baby, that is! ;)

luaphacim said...

I happen to like the boring old married people. Particularly the part of the show where they get WHUPPED in Monopoly!