Wednesday, September 30, 2009


For Jono's birthday we decided to have a big grilling party in our backyard. Our house is really too small to comfortably entertain more than a few guests, so we were SO excited to use our backyard to be able to invite a bunch of our friends.

We spent way more time preparing than I thought would be necessary, and bought way more food that anyone could possibly consume. It was awesome. :)

Here's my sweet grill master birthday guy. He prepared 20 steaks, 20 hamburgers, 10 chicken breasts, and 15 brats. invited around 25 people. Hehe.

Everyone brought a side, and we had sooo much delicious food. And now you can see our lovely garage. Jealous?
Next time around we might, maybe, possibly consider making less food. There were tons of leftovers. But seriously, we couldn't have people go hungry at our party!
This is where the men congregated for most of the evening. Surprise.

Family time :) Do you like the Pixar theme?
Here you can see some of our lovely guests as well as the tree trunk left from last year's adventure.
I don't think Beth was making that face because of the food...but it's so hard to tell with her. ;)

Some of my favorite ladies, all right here. Tricia always causes Elena to make those sorts of faces.

And then, to finish off the evening, we watched a movie projected onto the back of the house.

It was a really wonderful evening. We so much enjoyed getting to feed so many people that we love! :) Thanks to you all for making it a wonderful birthday for my hubby.


Tricia said...

I had so much fun at that!! Thanks for being creative with your party ideas, and for making all that food!

lanes said...

hahahaha!! I can't remember which story Tricia was telling to explain my face, but you know how she is! I agree with Tricia though. That was a most enjoyable night! A highlight for me.... and Harvey on the side of the house = genius. Love you!

tsbjf said...

Looks like a fun time!

Joy said...

Your little house looks very cute! Ours is under 1000 sq. feet, so I can understand not having room for a ton of people. Looks like a very fun party....alas, our yard is less than half the size of our house!