Monday, April 27, 2009

Hotel: Check!

Last week I officially booked our hotel at our anniversary trip destination. It felt really, really good. Once that was complete it finally sunk in that it was actually coming. So exciting!

We'll scoot outa town Thursday night after work, and it cannot come fast enough.

I hadn't been trying to keep the destination a secret, but when someone desperately wanted to know the details I thought it would be more fun to keep it a secret. I can't resist being difficult. ;)

She said that if she guessed the location correctly that I should have to bring her back a prize of some sort. When I asked what would happen if she was incorrect she said "you can do anything you want to me...within reason."


So, I will be posting picture clues on my blog during/after the trip and the first person to guess correctly will get a souvenir from our destination. I can't promise it will be fantastic, but I can promise it will be... a thing. :)

I will hide the comments so that no cheating can take place (and so that the people who I've already told about the trip can't give it away).

Since I believe I have one international reader I have to add a disclaimer:
I'm not going to ship a prize overseas (e.g. Peru). So if Eden wins, she can give her prize to someone else.

Hehe... you'd almost think I was taking this prize seriously. But you shouldn't. I like to keep standards really, really, really... really low. :)


lanes said...

I can't believe you're keeping it a secret even DURING the trip! Harsh, harsh lady!

Tricia said...

Hahaha, this is fun. Let the games begin (cue the music: da da da dada dada, da da da dada dada, da da da dada dada... y'all ready fo this? da da da...)

Eden said...

Hey! on behalf of all your international readers I strongly object to our inability to receive the prize! What blatant discrimination! I vow to win your prize and when I do I shall give it to one of your enemies as punishment.