Tuesday, March 17, 2009


At church some girls (1st grade, I think) were giving me some serious advice.

Girl 1: Never, ever drink. It's BAD!
Me: You have to drink SOME things to survive.
Girl 1: No, I mean BAD drinks.
Me: What's a bad drink?
Girl 1: Like, you know. Drinks at a bar.
Me: What kind of drinks are bad at a bar?
Girl 1: I don't know.
Me: Well how can you tell if you're drinking a bad drink?
Girl 1: You read it.
Me: What does it say to make you know it's bad?
Girl 1: I don't know. You just can tell.
Me: What if it LOOKS like a good drink, but it's really a bad drink?
Girl 1: If it looks like water, but it's fizzy, that means it's Sprite.
Girl 2: She's talking about beer. Beer is the bad drink.
Me: Ooooh. I understand now.

As they start to walk away, Girl 1 turns and says, "Oh. And don't eat or drink or...whatever you do to marijuana. That's what Michael Phelps did."

Bad drinks. They are so tasty. :)


tsbjf said...

Now every child is going to know Phelps for the Mary Jane. His bad.

Annemarie said...

Honestly, I'm 29 and I can't ever get it right. What do you snort, what do you smoke, and what do you shoot up? Somehow, I'm glad this isn't part of my realm of knowledge.

lanes said...

I like the bad drinks, too. ;)

You snort heroine, you smoke pot, and as far as shooting up... I'm not really sure! haha

Joy said...

He he he, oh dear.

luaphacim said...

Hmm... I never heard of anyone snorting heroin before. I believe it is actually the crack that one snorts and the heroin that one shoots up. But I was homeschooled, so.