Monday, March 16, 2009

Reason #459 To Be Married

As our one year anniversary is approaching, I've been thinking about the wedding, honeymoon, etc...and mostly wishing we could go on a honeymoon like that every year.

Anyway, I realized that I didn't really post anything about either of those things here. And as I am often being prompted to update this pathetic little blog, I decided to use this opportunity to tell a little story.

We went to the Ozarks for our honeymoon. It was a great choice, because all we wanted to do was hide. For a while we were staying outside of Eureka Springs in a cabin (being bothered by nothing and nobody). One day when we had ventured outside to walk around I had a special interaction.

Jono was inside a convenience store and I was sitting outside on a bench enjoying the weather. A guy came out (probably about 50 years old) and asked if the seat next to me was taken.

Me: No, go ahead
Guy sits in silence for a moment
Guy: So, do you need a ride or something?
Guy places his arm behind me on the bench
Me: No, actually. I'm just waiting for my husband. He's inside right now.
Guy removes arm suddenly
Guy: Oh.
We both sit in silence for another moment
Guy: Well, do you both need a ride?
Me: No, we have a car.
Guy: Oh, cool. I had to sell my car. I just take the trolly in a loop-de-loop, loop-de-loop.
Me: Ok.

Jono comes out and we leave.

At that moment I realized how much I like being able to say "my husband."

Also, there is nothing like being offered a ride by someone who doesn't have a car. :)


tsbjf said...

Dude, that guy sounded a little scary! There are some "interesting" people that come out of the Missouri woods...

Glad you had a fun honeymoon!

Annemarie said...

Yeah. I think he may have been ever so slightly loop de loop himself. I love being able to say "my husband". I used to have to make up boyfriends.

Joy said...

He he he he he he he he e he he he he he he he he he he.....he ehe he he he he he he he! Being married is nice, huh?

luaphacim said...

Offering Magen a ride on my loop de loop loop de loop trolley is the only way she ever agreed to go out with me.

MagenRanae said...

Hehe...I'm only now getting to read this..and it made my heart glad :)