Friday, December 26, 2008

I Love My Family

My crazy, creative family.

We decorated sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, something I hadn't done since I was really little. Jono's extended family is small, so we were all together.

While the parents and grandparents played games, we decorated quite a few cookies. At first they looked normal (Trees, Stockings, Stars, Snowmen, Bells)...but with this highly entertaining group, the cookies began changing.

Here is my brother-in-law thinking about how much he likes his newly acquired sister.


Manly men decorating cookies!

At first the creativity was still holiday themed. The Rudolph is simply a stocking shaped cookie upside-down, and the penguin was made from a snowman cookie.

Then came the TV and video game themes.

The Little Mermaid has seen better days, I'm afraid.

A Bullet Bill, for all you Mario lovers out there.

My husband made this tribute to pac man. The two on the left are bell shaped cookies that he decided to turn into bad guys. :)

Mario above, Goomba below.

Another Mario enemy...

This fish was made from a sideways Christmas Tree

Cute bell-turned-mushroom

Rocket ship (formerly Christmas tree)

Can you see Australia?

Then things got a little deranged...

Vampire thing and a Tornado (both upside-down snowmen)

By the end there was a giant mess and a slew of cookies entirely unrelated to the holidays.
I love my family.


MagenRanae said...

You truly do have a creative family! That's amazing!!

tsbjf said...

Those cookies were awesome! The tornado one was my fav! I haven't decorated sugar cookies in forever; this post totally made me want to again :) .

Annemarie said...

Those? Totally awesome. The mushroom was fine art. That was a lot of cookies!