Monday, December 22, 2008

100th Post!?

I logged on to write about my birthday this past weekend, but noticed that this would be my 100th blog post. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to do something special for this kind of thing (like write 100 things about yourself). However, I think I would have a hard time coming up with 100 things that a) are interesting and b) you don't already know.
Since this post was going to include how wonderful that guy I'm married to is, I could write 100 things about said wonderful guy. However, I think that might embarrass him and disgust most of you. So, to find some kind of middle ground, I'll write about my birthday weekend and include little "how wonderful this guy is!" tidbits. Fair?

If that sounds absurdly uninteresting, feel free to stop reading at any time.

Friday was the start of breaking many a budget rule. First, many people at my work were going to lunch together, and I really wanted to go. Jono came along, since he didn't have to be at work. We try not to eat out a lot, but he's a wonderful guy, and didn't object to some yummy thai food. That evening we went to eat Italian with a bunch of friends in an early celebration of my birthday. I invited quite a few people, but expected most of them to have plans this close to Christmas. We ended up having 15, though. It was a lot of fun, even if the table was a bit too big to get to talk to everyone. Also, even though my wonderful guy had plans for my birthday the next day, he bought me dessert to go (as I hadn't saved room for any). Who pays attention to the budget during birthday weekend, though? ;)
Saturday, to my disappointment, I couldn't sleep past 7. So my wonderful guy made me breakfast while I played Nintendo. Then we hung around doing nothing until I fell asleep again. Until noon (whoops!). Then we bundled up with many, many layers and headed to KC. That wonderful guy had planned a whole day for us. We started with ice skating, something I hadn't done in a few years and he hadn't done since he was little. By the time the cold wind made us decide to stop, Crown Center's pretty Christmas lights started to turn on. My wonderful guy then drove us to the Plaza, where we put our name in at the Cheesecake Factory. We got to enjoy the pretty lights there, too. During the first part of our wait, he took me to my favorite place. It is so intensely wonderful, you should all go there some time. Then, that wonderful guy bought me my very favorite kind of cheese (unfortunately pricey...for cheese). After that we met up with Matt and Shelsey and the cutest nephew in the world, who had been shopping in the area all day. After a brief waiting period (in which we loitered quite comfortably) at Barnes and Noble, we had dinner at the CF. I must say, it was my favorite meal I've had there. Mmmm.
By the time we left it was after 9pm, so my wonderful guy and I drove to the airport to read and wait for his brother to get in. All in all, it was a very fun day.


Tricia said...

That truly sounds like a wonderful weekend =) Glad your birthday was great!

Tricia said...

Also, the Better Cheddar would be TORTURE right now.

lanes said...

That sounds like a really sweet day-- and ice skating sounds like a blast! I want to go! I'm glad you had such a good birthday, friend.

Also... never been to the Better Cheddar.

Annemarie said...

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! I've never been there either. What's your favorite cheese?

tsbjf said...

So, what is your favorite cheese, and what did you have at the Cheesecake Factory? And what is your favorite cheesecake there? They make some of the best! Sounds like you had a good birthday weekend! I liked the part of where he made you breakfast while you played nintendo, that just struck me as funny for some reason, but it was obviously very nice :) .

Rachel said...

The cheese I got was French La Roule, and it is amazing. It's a very soft, creamy cheese. Mmmmm.
And at the Cheesecake Factory I had this Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms in a wine sauce over bowtie pasta. Also very, very good. And I could never choose a favorite cheesecake there...there's too many good things. ;)

tsbjf said...

That dinner sounds good! And the cheese too! I'll have to try that one. Is it a hard one to find? And I agree on the cheesecakes. I wish that they would let customers select their own sampler cheesecake, that'd be awesome!