Monday, October 6, 2008

I Love Me Some Fall

Friday was a good day. Jono was home, first of all, and that is enough all by itself.

After work we cleaned like mad to prepare our house for some co-worker pals. The men were outnumbered, but that didn't bother me one bit. We ate yummy Papa Murphy's pizza, watched Meet Me In St. Louis (applicable because of the Halloween scene that we all know and love), and then headed to the "Corn Maize."

And let me just say, that was the most fun I've ever had in an infernal maze. Normally I get dreadfully cold, lost, and whiney. That might explain why I haven't been in 4 years. This time, though, the two men strategized (blogger is telling me that isn't a word. That's a word, right?) and showed us through the maze while us ladies followed along blindly, giggling and joking and talking and having a wonderful time. I'm telling you, none of us were the least involved in actually getting out of that maze, and it was the most fun ever. Also, I learned that these co-worker pals will probably continue to be my pals, because they had to deal with a LOT of crazy, just-finished-a-long-and-lonely-week, act-like-a-maniac Rachel... and they STILL like me anyway. Whew. There's a load off my shoulders.

Afterward we went back to our house for some dessert. Mmmm. For old people like us, this was a long night. We pretty much just fell into bed after it all. But it was all worth it because I bought two baby pumpkins.

Ok, not really because of that. It was more of a bonus, really.

So, anyway. How do YOU like to celebrate the fall? How many pumpkins do you plan to carve? And will you come to my house and carve them with me? Great! Can't wait to see you. :)


Reagan said...

we went to the corn maze on saturday with some people! did you go with your co-workers or jono's? ;) i haven't ever carved a pumpkin. that might be considered a sad thing but my family has just never been into halloween. i do love fall though! maybe i should try it this year.

Grace said...

Oh man... I was going to start, but I think it's enough to write my own blog post, actually...

tsbjf said...

I went through my first corn maize last year, and it was so much fun! I only made it through because of Jillian--she totally navigated with excellence. Sounds like you had a good Friday night! I've never seen that movie that you mentioned, but I guess you'd recommend it?

Rachel said...

We went with MY co-workers, Jenna (and her husband), Jaymie and Kristin.
You HAVE to carve a pumpkin, Reagan! It's just too much fun NOT to. :)

Joanne, if you like musicals you should totally watch Meet Me In St. Louis. It's an old Judy Garland film. It's hilarious!

Joy said...

On Monday at work we took the kids to a pumpkin farm and went on a hayride, it was super fun! There were also llamas and goats.