Thursday, October 2, 2008

Close To Living

I have guilt. Very, very, slightly, slight guilt.

When Jono is gone I feel like I don't really do anything. I kind of just get by...passing the time in whatever way I can to make it bearable. Even when I'm with dear friends I think about how I wish he was there to enjoy it, too.

I can't decide if this is wrong or not.

It seems like I should really try to make the most of my time. You know...instead of passing it with as little resistance as possible. I should probably do some fun things, followed by productive things, followed by picking up a trendy hobby. I should also stop feeling so dadgum dreary about it all.

But the truth is that I miss this handsome guy.


And even though that small part of me feels guilty for not really taking advantage of the time I've got, most of me hopes that there will never be a time when I stop missing him when he's gone.

The good news is that he gets home tonight. So we can start making mushy faces at each other and make my sister feel considerably uncomfortable as a result.

That's always a plus.

The bad news is that he will be leaving again soon.

Ah, well. Until I get this whole guilt thing sorted out I will console myself by making collages with pictures of our new baby.



MagenRanae said...

You should totally decide to accomplish a project! My sister-in-law Michelle decided that when Andrew was gone one week, she was going to try her best to have one of her kids completely potty-trained. Is there something you've been wanting to get done, or that Jono would really enjoy having finished? We could totally help you in anyway you'd like to accomplish something that would make him feel really loved!! :)

Joy said...

:) I don't think it goes away. vote is for scrapbooking...if it's trendy, that is.

tsbjf said...

You'll always miss him! But being apart just makes you appreciate the times with him that much more.

Jenny said...

It sounds like we're in the same boat. Nathan's been gone a lot lately and I try to keep myself super busy. That way the time goes by faster and I don't miss him as much. I have a few different projects and reading is always good. Cleaning is always good too. When your hubby gets back he'll have a nice clean house that he'll really appreciate!