Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Of Those Days

Yesterday morning, on my merry way to work, I was hit by another vehicle.

Here is the story that was published online via our local newspaper:
By Phil Anderson

"One person was taken to a hospital by American Medical Response ambulance this morning after a two-vehicle crash sent water gushing out of a fire hydrant for about a half an hour, authorities said.

(A member of the city's public works crew waits for a Ford Tempo to be towed away. A Dodge mini-van collided with a Ford Tempo sending the Tempo over the curb and into the fire hydrant.)

The accident victim’s injuries weren’t believed to be serious, police said at the scene.

The accident was reported about 7:45 a.m.

Police said a Dodge mini-van that was westbound was attempting to turn south when it collided with a silver Ford Tempo that was eastbound.

The Tempo went over a curb on the southeast corner of the intersection where it struck a city fire hydrant. Water flowed from the hydrant.

The Tempo came to rest over the hydrant’s shut-off valve, police said. City public works crews had to wait for a tow truck to arrive and move the Tempo before the water could be turned off.

Police Maj. Warren Wilson said the Tempo’s driver was the lone occupant in the car. Several passengers were in the mini-van.

The vehicle in which the accident victim was riding wasn’t immediately known."

(some names and locations removed or changed, by me, for privacy)

Yes. I am basically famous. Or something. However, the apparent price for fame is a totally now-worthless car.

Later in the day I went to the Doctor to get some antibiotics for my wonderfully swollen and painful infected toenail (which was unrelated to the above incident). Mmmm, delicious. Unfortunately, the doctor decided that instead of antibiotics, I needed to have part of the toenail cut out. I left with an unreasonably large wrapping around my already swollen toe. I think I'm going to start some serious fashion trend with that one.

All in all, it was definitely "one of those days." Times ten.


MagenRanae said...

OH my goodness, Rachel!
Are you ok? Are the other people ok? Do they have insurance that will cover your car?

Eden said...

"Totally" worthless car. I like the subtle pun.
I am truly sorry you had a terrible day though.

Jenny said...

Oh that is awful! I've never been in a car accident and really don't want to! Scary! I had an infected ingrown toenail back when Nathan and I first met. I had to get part of it cut out too! Not fun at all!

tsbjf said...

So I'm assuming that you're ok? Man, that is one crazy day! And now you'll definitely have to get a move on getting that bug. It is scary getting run into. When I was pregnant with Hayley someone crashed into me, and it basically paid for the Geo, which I now call the Ghettomobile. No one was hurt, it just gave the car a huge dent in the passenger side, making one of the doors unopenable. So is insurance going to cover the damage? At least the underside of the car got cleaned, as if that matters.

lanes said...

I'm so glad that you are okay, Rachel! Scary, scary stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Joy said...

:( Aw, so sorry dear! I hate those days where nothing seems to go right.

Rachel said...

Yes, I am fine. The girl who went to the hospital just hurt her ankle, I nothing to serious.

We don't know about insurance yet. I can't imagine that the other drive would get anything but 100% fault, but we'll see.

My wonderful husband sent flowers to me that day, though. He's a good guy.

Reagan said...

Wow, on your way to work? Looks like you'll be getting that beetle pretty quick then eh? what a great way to get a new car!!! Of course I don't know what your tempo was worth...but it's something : )

Annemarie said...

Oh no! I'm sorry. Here's mt two cents. I got a new Honda Fit when my car was totalled. I love it to no end, and I get approx 40 mpg. No joke. I'm glad you're okay.