Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inspiration Drought

I guess that since I don't have anything incredibly interesting to say (surprise!), I'll just give a little update of my fairly predictable, yet happy, life.

My totally amazing husband is helping me turn our house into a home. We are painting a fun head and baseboard for our soon-to-be guest bed. We are also finally hanging all our pictures and shelves, and finding places for things that have conveniently been hiding in the extra room.

My grandma gave us lots of fun things, as she plans to move to a smaller place very soon. She gave me a practically unused sewing machine with all the extras you could ask for, including a big, tall, folding table with measurements for cutting material. (I guess I don't have an excuse to not finish that quilt that Joy helped me start forever many years ago.) She also gave us our choice of VHS movies. That may not sound very exciting, but these include many of my childhood favorites. Whenever we would go over there for Hanukkah the adults would end up talking (boring!) and us kids would go watch such classics as G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Claymation Christmas (ironic?). It was fun to take some of these home.
She also gave me a totally sweet Jewish Cookbook that her mother- and father-in-law gave her in 1964. I'm excited to dish up some old recipes this coming year.

We are still actively searching for a Bug. We came oh-so-close to buying one on ebay this past weekend, but the seller has been particularly unresponsive, so it seems like a bad idea. Time is ticking away, though, as my car is slowly (but surely!) deteriorating.

Hobby Lobby has tons of Christmas stuff at 50% off right now, so we are preparing for our first Christmas together. I absolutely love shopping for this kind of stuff. If it weren't for my very practical husband, I would spend a fortune. Luckily for me, even though he's oh-so-practical, he is also very sweet, and enjoys buying Christmas stuff to make me happy. You know...just not...TOO much stuff. ;)
I made sure to grab mistletoe this year, but I might need more...

Unfortunately, that just got me all excited about a holiday season that is still a quarter of a year away!

Let's share the holiday love, though. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? What decorations would make it feel totally incomplete?


Reagan said...

White lights...everywhere!

Joy said...

Ha ha, I totally forgot about that quilt!! You HAVE to show me WHEN you finish it! I love Christmas too...and last year was KINDA like our first Christmas, cause it was out first one in our own place, such fun! I can't wait to put up my aluminum tree, I've been asking Jason two months if I can get it out. I wonder if we'll get a real tree this favorite tradition is decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnogg and eating almond crescent cookies. :)

Jenny said...

Ooh! I'm so excited about christmas too! It's funny I just posted a little about christmas on my blog before I read yours. I'm so excited that hobby lobby has christmas stuff 50% off! I've been wondering when I should go in and check. I need to make a stocking for our new baby's first christmas. Oh, and I've always wanted to get mistletoe but I never knew what it looked like. I think I'll google it!

tsbjf said...

Man, you got some sweet stuff from your grandma! You'll have to take pictures of your Jewish dishes that you'll be making. And totally post a picture of the quilt too. And the head & foot boards you're painting... :) I like seeing pictures of things. When I was reading about the Christmas stuff it reminded me of Jenny. Jeremy & I have never spent Christmas at home, this will be our first year for that. So we always put up just a little 3 foot fake tree, and we get each other an ornament, following in his family's tradition. And we decided to take turns getting the kids' ornaments. I get the even years, and he gets the odd. I bought Hayley's when we were home in Kansas in June from the Swedish shop in Lindsborg. And it just so happens to be a little Swedish girl. And since we've lived in this house now, having a mantle, I've hung stockings. And that's about all of our Christmas decorating.