Monday, August 25, 2008

June, 1998

[note: the diary I was using had a specific amount of pages for each month. It also had a plastic clasp that connected to the lock, which is what I was reffering to when I said I "cut the side of the book"]

Dear Diary,
The reason I crossed of "April" and put in "June" is because I have not written in a long time, and did not want to waste paper. The reason I did not write for a long time is because I lost the key. That is why I had to cut the side of the book. People can read you now, but they had better not! I would strangle people for reading my private stuff...
Well, I can still hide you, Diary. I am awesome at hiding stuff, a little too good! that's how I lost your key! Oh! By the way, we never ended up doing Mr. Jones' stupid play, ya, that's right, first the day we were going to do it, two boys could not make it. Then we went to camp. Speaking of camp, I'm going to 2nd Jr. High camp with Magen Rodgers. I'm really sad, though, this year was my last chance to go to a camp my dad is directing. I want to cry. I mean, I know I'll have fun at the other camp, but I will miss SO much!


Joy said...

:) He he he, you were just too cute!

beth said...

I'm SO good at hiding things...I don't even remember how many things I've hidden!

tsbjf said...

Your dad did lead some pretty awesome camps!