Thursday, May 22, 2008

Everyone Should Get To Be Themselves

I really believe that. It's the key to real relationships and contentment. Plus, it's just plain fun.

Many people might think that women should be ladies, but I find that this isn't always practical. I've heard of women spending the first months of their marriage jumping out of bed early to brush their teeth and put on makeup. I've heard of them leaving the room whenever certain bodily functions are about to become apparent. And maybe these people are the nice wives, the good wives, the wives that remind their husbands daily why they fell in love with them.

I'll never be one of those wives.

I can't do it. At least, it's very difficult for me. I'm just not a lady.

I burp and, er, "pass gas" without holding back (when it's just the two of us). And if, by some miracle, my dear husband doesn't hear it, I inform him loudly. "Husband! I tooted!" "Husband! I burped! Did you hear my burp?"

You think I'm kidding, don't you? Just ask the man. The poor, dear man.

And growing up with two older brothers did NOT help this situation. My threats seem to come straight out of a jr. high lunchroom. "If you don't stop that, I'll put boogers on you while you sleep!"

Really. I said that.

And I've only worn makeup for about 1/3 of the days we've been married.

I told you I wasn't a lady! But you know what? I'm me. And I happen to like being me. And Jono and I laugh and giggle a lot together. AND he still loves me, because he knows exactly who "me" is.

Life is good.


MagenRanae said...

:) I'm glad you feel like you can be yourself around him.

That's one thing your brother Matt said to me once Micah and I got married. He said something like, "I know you're good for Micah...cause you actually let him be...him."

That's quite the compliment!!

Joy said...

:) Isn't it wonderful being married to the very best person in the world for you?! Having fun together totally makes all the hard stuff in life worth it.

Joy said...

he he he he were in my dream last night wearing purple pants and a GOLD shirt! :) love you!

beth said...

Okay, so, being your bond servant WAS more fun, because when you bought me to live with you for a month, you took me to do fun things. Matt will simply make me change diapers and lose at Mario Party.

Also, I think you are great, and I'm glad you are happy.

tsbjf said...

Are there really women out there like that? (That rush out of bed to put on makeup and such?) Ya, I'm not a lady either. It's all good.

Jenny said...

I could never be one of those wives either! My husband has thirteen year old boy humor and it's rubbed off on me.