Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Am Not Snow's Biggest Fan

I was not excited to see the pile of snow on the street (and the car) this morning. I would be perfectly happy if it only ever snowed on Christmas Eve. However, I live in Kansas, and really ought to make the best of it. This morning I was thinking about all the blessings that are made more apparent by unfortunate weather conditions.

  • My selfless husband who forced me to stay inside while he warmed up the car and cleaned off all the snow.
  • Our tiny house that has been keeping plenty warm with only the aid of a sweet space heater.
  • The sweet space heater that saves us money.
  • My new car that has HEAT (poor Rosalind, though I love her, did not).
  • Job flexibility for my husband, who ended up NOT having to drive 90 miles on sludgy highways, but rather gets to work in town today.
  • Hot Chocolate.

I pondered these things as I watched Jono cleaning off the cars through our front window. And, you know, I have it pretty good.

Happy Snow Day, friends!


Joy said...

I've been wondering if it would be cheaper to heat our tiny house with space heaters rather than runnion our dinosaur of a furnace.

Tricia said...

-making an awesome snowman, with a scarf and all.