Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catch Up

Not having the internet at home makes posting difficult, so let me just catch up all at once.

  • At the end of October I got to visit my wonderful friend Amber. She is in her last semester of school, and will be heading out to the missions field in no time. I desperately wanted to spend time with her and see what she had been up to first hand, as my opportunities to do so are quickly becoming less and less. It was a great trip.
  • We celebrated my Grandma's birthday, and she told us a hilarious story we somehow hadn't heard before then. Let's just say I never expected to hear Grandma say, "and the next thing I remember was..."
  • We have been married for 1 1/2 years, and it has been a blast. Jono makes this whole marriage thing very easy.
  • I committed the evil sin of decorating for Christmas a week before Thanksgiving, and it was so fun. We even got lights up on our house for the first time since we've had a house together.
  • Thanksgiving snuck up on me completely. I felt totally unprepared, honestly, to be thankful. I started out stressed because nothing was happening on my schedule, and we left over 12 hours after we had planned to originally. Once we got to his grandparents' though, things really slowed down and I finally got my head on straight. :)
  • We got to sit front row at an Andrew Peterson concert, and had an amazing time. I felt like this guy a little bit, but no one ended up kicking us out of our seats. :)

There's lots to look forward to, too. This month is going to fly by with business, but I wouldn't want to change a thing. I hope your December is lovely!


MagenRanae said...

Thanks for the update! I watched 4 of my nephews last night, and they were quick to tell me that they drove by your house and saw a real snow man "the size of our Christmas tree!!" in your front yard. Jono scored even higher super hero points with them, I'm thinking.