Friday, May 29, 2009

I watched a movie

This is going to be one of those posts where I ramble on about a movie. Feel free to stop reading now. :)

Recently I had been chastised multiple times because I hadn't seen Dan In Real Life. It hadn't really looked that appealing to me, but on a night in with nothing to do and Netflix Instant at our side, Jono and I decided to give it a go since we had been encouraged to do so.

I really enjoy Steve Carell, so I figured it couldn't be that bad.

I wish.

The main problem with this movie (as hard as it is to limit it to one), is that it is completely unoriginal in every sense. We start with that poor, down-on-his-luck guy who meets the "perfect girl" (A word which here means "good listener, but I don't really know anything about her"). He then finds out that she is dating his brother, who is freakishly obsessed with her.

Then, of course, throughout the movie there are various moments that cause him intense anguish because he cannot have her. Such moments include situations that are ridiculous beyond measure, and (hopefully) would never actually happen to a sensible human being. Most notable is the moment when he is hiding, fully clothed in the shower and she joins him (naked, of course) because she doesn't want his daughter to know he is in there and apparently can't think up a good excuse to NOT get into the shower. Brilliant.

As a result of this anguish, he decides to stab his little brother in the back because he "loves" her. Because it's relentlessly predictable, you see this coming. It's painful for the viewer, though, considering most of the time people will actually put family about someone they've known for one weekend. At least, you'd hope so.

Don't worry, though. His family is only angry with him for a few hours. And, of course, the brother rebounds instantly (slightly more believable because the character is played by Dane Cook). Thus, you have an entire movie of angst and immaturity wrapped nicely into a bow of love.

I place this movie in the following categories:

  • unbearable waste of time (that I'll never get back)
  • uninteresting
  • Dane Cook (eeek!)


tsbjf said...

LOL. We watched this movie awhile ago, thought it was funny. But of course lately I have been all for the cheesy, don't know why; loved Paul Blart Mall Cop!!! I'm funny. And that movie was total cheese all the way, you would rip it apart :) . I love reading your movie reviews, because it just makes them all the more funny!

Rachel said...

Actually, I only enjoy "ripping apart" movies that take themselves too seriously and aren't really that good. I enjoy goofy movies...because they're not supposed to be amazing. :)

Annemarie said...

I know I've seen this but it had made so little impression on me that I couldn't remember what it was about until I read your post. How do you guys do netflix instant? I've been thinking about getting one of those roku boxes, but I'm just not sure.

Rachel said...

We actually just use my laptop and make our TV the second monitor. It's the same viewing quality as just watching it on the computer, and way cheaper.

Joy said...

Yeah, I didn't think much of it either.