Sunday, May 17, 2009

Debi Pearl Would Not Approve

We've had a busy week.

Two of my siblings are staying with us until it's time for them to work at camp this summer. I'm very blessed to have a husband who feels a true, brotherly bond to my family. He's been having a wonderful time with them.

As a result, though, he has been "busy" (playing nintendo) with them most nights this week. I haven't wanted to break that up (as it's truly adorable), so I've been cooking dinner and doing all the clean up in the evevnings after work.

Most of you will read this and wonder when I will start saying something interesting. I don't blame you. But the truth is that this never happens. I never *ever* have to make dinner by myself more than one night in a row. Since we both have jobs and no kids, we make dinner together and clean up together. While I know this would be considered "fair" by many, I also know that it shouldn't be too hard for someone to make dinner (like and adult) and clean up (like an adult).

But it's been hard. After day 4 of this routine I even felt...put out.

I believe this officially (as if you needed the official word) makes me selfish. As I was feeling discouraged coming home to a dirty house (that I have been constantly trying to keep clean), I somehow let myself forget how totally worth it it all is. I love having family and friends over. I love the fact that Jono is spending quality time with my siblings, making them feel welcome and wanted.

And tonight, as Jono forced me to stop working while he did all the cleaning and made me dinner, I knew that I was still a lucky woman, even if I let small things overwhelm me.

This is the part where all you mothers out there sigh and shake your heads at how wimpy I am.
I apologize. I'm trying to be better. :)


TulipGirl said...

Yeah, well. . . Debi Pearl wouldn't approve of me, either. I'm glad I'm married to my husband and not her!

tsbjf said...

I forgot who Debi Pearl was, so I googled her, and came across this:

What was most hilarious to me was that the person edited the words 'sex' & 'sexual', as if they are bad words. I haven't read her book, but from the reviews I'm sure I'd disagree with some of it! Anyways, I know how frustrating it can be cleaning up after people. But also you are really lucky! Sounds like Jono does a good share of cleaning...
Hope you have a good rest of the time with the sibs!

luaphacim said...

I am not even a mother, and yet I am certainly shaking my head in disapproval!

Tee hee.

Joy said...

He he Micah. I didn't really mind cooking and cleaning up when I was it's not bad at all now that I'm not long as I have an understanding husband when I can't even go into the kitchen without throwing up for months on end while deep in morning sickness.

Rachel said...

Debi often doesn't approve of me. Thankfully God is forgiving!