Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please Direct Your Attention...

...To The Poll On The Right.

This is something I have recently wondered more about, as Jono and I reached our 6 month anniversary yesterday.

People started talking to us about having kids long before we walked down the aisle. I was greeted at our reception with several "may you have many, many, many babies" comments.

I know that I am not alone in this. I am curious, though. Do you secretly expect some couples to start with the baby-making right away? Or do you feel like waiting is pretty normal? What (be honest, now!) comes to your mind when you meet a couple who has been married for over 5 years and has no kids?

Uh...hypothetically speaking, of course.

Please participate in my poll.


Jenny said...

I think it's normal to wait a couple years but 5 seems like a lot. It seems like most of my friends started about a year to two after getting married. One thing that I like about having kids right away is that I'll still be fairly young when our kids are out of high school.

Joy said...

I think what's right for me isn't right for everyone. Sheesh...some people even want to be financially responsible about it, heh! So, when can we expect you to have a baby? ;)

Tricia said...

Okay. So, my brother and his wife were married 6 years before getting pregnant (she is due in January! So excited to be an auntie!!!) From the beginning of the marriage, they had agreed that they were not interested in babies. Really uninterested. This bothered my mom to no end, who began to doubt that she would ever have grandbabies because of my nonexistant dating record and Tim's late entrance into adulthood.
Anyway, she would ask them, probably once a year or so (which was kind of a lot, considering they only spoke maybe 6 times a year) about the possibility. I think that babies are nobody's business but the married couple's. And I am certain that if they want to talk about the possibility of offspring, they will bring it up. I know that Paul and Elizabeth came around in terms of their opinion on children on their own, and that my mother's input was not necessary. It is a collaborative decision between the spouses alone, and why people think they should prod the husband and wife is beyond me!!!

tsbjf said...

I think it's natural to wait at least a year, just so you get used to the whole marriage thing, and create memories with just the two of you. It also depends on how old the people are. If the couple is older in age when they get married, I think people expect them to start sooner because their clocks are ticking. When you're young you have time to spare. People are always going to ask no matter what though. It's just the natural progression of life, that people get married and have kids.

Annemarie said...

Okay, my clock is ticking very loudly, but we want to wait until we have an actual house, pay down student loan debt. So, we're thinking around the five year mark. Plus we're old. I was really interested in seeing the comments because I wonder about it too.