Friday, October 31, 2008

My Blog Is Useless

One of my favorite things to do is use sitemeter to see how different people have found my blog. I love looking at the hilarious things they search for when they happen to stumble upon my strange writings. And, not so surprisingly, almost 100% of the time I am not what they were truly looking for.

Here are some strange searches that have brought people here:

"When did you stop wetting the bed?"

"yellow penguin team"

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show and retarded and audience"

"Jono Ness"

"photos beginners squats"

"dear journal i can't sleep"

"Rachael Mills fashion 2008"

"i don't like musicals"

"most surprise thing"

"why can't i just be happy"

"honesty box on blogger"

"beverly bernardi post 2008"

"my most embarrassing moment"

"Pioneer Clubs"

"things to know about musicals"

"spank OR spanks OR spanked OR spanken OR spankens OR spankin OR spanking OR spankings OR spankins -brand -mtv -monkey"

"hobby lobby mistletoe"

"Kristina Fazel"


"don't give a squat"

"Things that happened August 1998"

"she didn't know squat"

Sometimes, though, I can tell that people are looking for something very specific, and end up on my blog completely by mistake. Remember that time I poked fun at Magen for not understanding facebook? That one post brought people via the following searches:

"facebook can't comment on posts to my wall"

"Tags one of my photos"

"Comments after me in a photo"

"tags me in a photo"

"what does "comments after me" mean in facebook?"

"facebook Comments after me in a posted item"

And, of course, "Facebook for beginners." Times 50. Seriously, at least 50 people have tried to get actual help with facebook, but have found my mocking entry instead. Isn't that a beautiful thing? ;)

Another entry that brought people here was this one.

"i can't have a conversation with someone, i never know what to say and then i feel stupid"

"know what to say to people"

"don't relate to people"

"likes to relate to people"

"how to relate to people book" (times 10)

"I don't know how to relate with people, nothing to say"

"i don't know how to relate to other people"

"how to relate with people you don't know"

"how do people relate to children"

And "how to relate to people" (times 30)

Once again, I'm am useless to them. And it makes me giggle.

Just a few times, though, I think people may have actually searched for me:

"don't know squat blog rachel"

"don't know\squat blogspot"

Only twice? Ah, well. It figures.

My blog is useless.


lanes said...

And now, you have just accomplished the greatest search engine just on this one post. Congrats! At least they will get a little entertainment now if they're depressed about "not knowing what to say."

Joy said...


tsbjf said...

That was really fun to read!

Tricia said...

Whoa!! How do you add one of those? Amazing the things that people search for, and also amazing how many people have visited your site in search for answers. I'm sure they got a kick, so your blog is not altogether useless.

MagenRanae said...

Hehe...I'm so glad you've discovered the joy of sitemeter!

I've written a blog post or two about this, and have actually been formulating my next one...thanks for sharing!