Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Having distanced myself from my homeschooling days by about 5 years, I feel like now is the time to start writing about some of the pros and cons (as I see it).

This could easily turn into a series of embarrassing stories and strange examples, but I doubt that will scare off any of you who have been reading for long anyway.

One interesting thing about making a pro/con list is that sometimes it's hard to categorize things in that way. Maybe being sheltered is good, and maybe it's bad. It all depends on...things...lots and lots of things.

Oh well.

Here's a start:


  • Finished lesson plans with plenty of time to goof off
  • At home all day, therefore, I didn't realize my clothes were out of style
  • Thought everyone was nice


  • Got spanked by "the principal" when I spent too much time goofing off
  • The clothes that were out of style were actually hand-me-downs. From my brothers.
  • Had to learn later that not everyone was nice.


Reagan said...

Since I was homeschooled till 9th grade I feel like I can chime in here...

I liked thinking everyone was nice and putting trust in people from the start. It's so hard to get that back once you turn the other way. (people either like you or hate you because you're "sweet and naive" or look like you're stuck up)

My childhood is filled with memories of playing with my siblings and not stuck in a chair all day.

Being spanked by "the principal" for not remembering a math equation does have it's downsides though...

Joy said...

He he he..."From my brothers."

tsbjf said...

So are you going to consider homeschooling your kids?