Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have an intense, unabashed love for a few artists/groups. I can't help it. Don't make me stop.

Caedmon's Call, I will always love you. I think you may be the only Christian band that has been around for FOREVER and never once put out an album that sucked. Remember how the Newsboys came out with that terrifying album that made us wince and writhe? Well, I don't think you'd ever do that to us. You love us.

Derek Webb, I'm sorry for Caedmon's that you left them. But I'm happy for me. I like an artist that will just go and slap you in the face with some hardcore facts. Plus, you're my facebook friend. That rocks.

Andrew Peterson, I love that you are so real. I love that you write such amazing lyrics, and I love that you also write kids' songs and books. And, I absolutely love this blog post.

AP has a pre-order special for his newest album. Thank goodness. I gotta get me some of that!


Joy said...

:) Those are some of my favorites as well! Isn''t good music great?

Jenny said...

Hey I really like those ones too!

tsbjf said...

Which Newsboys album were you referring to? The one that comes to my mind was the "Love, Liberty, Disco". Definitely not my fav.