Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, as it turns out, I'm not really sure where I put my Diary. Really. Everything so far was written and then schedules were set to post a couple every day. That was on Friday. Now it's Wednesday, and time to add more...except I really don't remember where I put that darned book.

Oh my gosh, I hope nobody, like, FINDS it, and like, READS it! Oh my gosh. How totally EMBARRASSING would it be for people I don't even know to READ MY DIARY?! And I'm usually SO good at hiding it.

Actually, it can only be in one of the following places:
1) My messy car
2) My messy house

So, I'll try really hard to remember to look for it so that I can continue on with this not-at-all-overly-dramatic theme.

In other, totally non-related news:
Someone told me today that CHER might be playing catwoman in the next movie. Kill me now. However, they have some really sweet actors lined up for the other villains. Maybe this Cher business is just to scare me so senseless that I'm numbed for the third installment. Maybe?


MagenRanae said...

good luck on finding it! Hehe...maybe you should check under Jono's pillow. He could have stashed it for some late night laughs!

Joy said...

He he he he, I'm with Magen on this one!

Jenny said...

um....I don't think cher could pull off the outfit. LOL!

tsbjf said...

Cher, wow.

Magen, that was a good one!