Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Musicals Are My Exception

Remember a while back when I whined an itsy, bitsy, tiny bit about how most movies suck (at least a little)?

Well, there is an exception. When a musical is involved, I can blind myself to any possible annoyances. Let me give you examples of musicals I love, and then reasons why I normally wouldn't actually like them (not completely, anyway).

Oklahoma - I'm sorry, but Ado Annie has the voice and personality to turn anyone away. Unless it's in a musical. Then it's funny.

My Fair Lady - I wish she married Freddy, I really do. I usually stop watching the movie right as she walks out on him in his mother's house. Oh, what a wonderful moment.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella - There is seriously so much cheese and bad acting (mostly by Brandy) in this movie. I don't care, though, because the step sisters are absolutely hilarious, and I will always love the song they sing about old Cindy at the ball.
(P.S. I have always wanted this soundtrack and can never find it for this version. Sad day!)

Singing In The Rain - Remember that weird part on the stairs with the wind and that huge, long piece of flowing fabric? So weird. Everything else about this movie is wonderful, though.

Meet Me In St. Louis - It's based on a true story, only they completely change the ending to make it happy. That's ok, though, because this has to be one of my favorite musicals of all time.

The Music Man - Generally, when there is a terrible man at the center of a story (who doesn't seem to have any consequences for his actions), I can't stand it. But Professor Harold Hill doesn't bother me as long as he's in a hilarious musical.

I could probably keep going, but you probably stopped reading about halfway down the page. I'll cut myself short(er).

Seriously, though. I think the thing that makes a musical so wonderful, is that everyone knows the songs and the steps. Everyone is in tune (except Ado Annie), and they all know when to start and when to stop. Wouldn't life be exceedingly more interesting and fun if the one thing you had in common with everyone else (even total strangers) was that you knew all the words and all the steps? I think it's the only way to find World Peace, personally. :)

P.S. High School Musical doesn't count.


Joy said...

Musicals are just like that...they make me all happy and singy and warm and tingly on the inside. :)

beth said...

It's true. Life would be way better that way. Shoot, I'd even take simple background music...but alas, the music in my head is the closest thing to it.

Jenny said...

The sound of music is a musical isn't it? I like that one! Ooh and moulin rouge and sweeney tod!

tsbjf said...

I am not a big fan of musicals. And to be honest I don't think I've ever seen one in its entirety.

Rachel said...

I know quite a few people who don't like musicals of any kind, so I don't think Joanne is alone.

Jenny, I would never have thought Sweeny Todd would be within your movie tastes! I learn new things every day! :)