Sunday, August 24, 2008

March, 1998

Dear Journal,
I am feeling very depressed. But with me that happens a lot. Well, my problem -one of them- is that I am in girl scouts. That may not sound bad, but that's not all. I'm also in ballet. They don't mix. I barely get to do any fun stuff in girl scouts because of my family's busy schedule. This is my first year and my first time to do "carousel week." It all started fine and dandy. Me and my mom were sitting together figuring out which activities I could be in. At first I only had to miss two days for ballet plus, my dad didn't want me to go to "Beverly Bernardi's Dance." That left "bowling", "skating" and "gymnastics." Then Magen invited me to her birthday party which meant, no skating. Then, I could not bowl because it snowed too much. That meant all that was left was gymnastics. And I HATE gymnastics, I wouldn't go except my mom and dad are making me. I also missed a photography class earlier in the year that I really wanted to go to. Everything is so bad I kinda want to quit next year. Oh, well. So what if everything sucks. I have to go.

[note: as far as my so-called depression went, this was about as bad as things got] ;)


Tricia said...

"oh well. So what if everything sucks. I have to go."

Oh Rachel, these are killing me! They're so funny!

MagenRanae said...

hehehehe. I'm so laughing out loud at this one!

"So what if everything sucks"

And, the quotes around bowling, skating, gymnastics, and "Beverly Bernardi's Dance" just crack me up!!

I can totally picture you writing this one.

Amber said...