Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things That Happened That I Didn't Blog About - Part II

Matt and Shelsey came down during the 4th of July weekend for a job interview. It was totally sweet.

So, of course, when they came to our house we had to introduce Baby Jono to Smash Brothers.

He was intrigued, to be sure.

He's kind of a button masher (he got that from his mom). But as soon as he learns to use his little fingers I'm sure he'll improve quickly.

Look at that concentration!

I just love that Baby Jono.

It's so exciting that they will be moving home soon! It's been a good long while.

Jono is counting down the days! :)


Joy said...

Aw, he's such a cutie! Maybe...if I play him soon enough I could actually beat someone! :) (j/k he would probably still beat me)

luaphacim said...

soooooooooo looking forward to getting to make that little baby weirder by babysitting him...

Jenny said...

Awe! Little baby! I can't wait to have another little one!

tsbjf said...


And whoever that girl is on the right side of the pictures, I totally have the same shirt from Target as her! Green with the blue and yellow striping on the sleeves. I got it on clearance, and I totally can't wait to wear it this fall! 'Cause it's too hot to wear it right now. Anyway.....little bit of excitement there.....