Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This post is going to be about a TV show. Probably. It just won't seem like it right away, so stick with me. Ok? Guys? ...hello?

Anyway, getting settled into married life has meant a lot of changes, and really I am happy with all of them. One new and exciting thing is *gasp* time together. Because, you know, our relationship to date has followed a certain, terrible pattern. See if you can figure out what it is.

Friendship: Rachel works evenings and Saturday mornings, Jono works days. They sometimes hang out on weekends.
Dating March-May: Rachel now works days AND some evenings, Jono works days. They hang out on weekends.
Dating June-August: Rachel goes to work at a Bible Camp in another town. Jono visits one weekend.
Dating August-December: Rachel is back to working days and some evenings, Jono still works days. They hang out on weekends.
Engaged December-April: Rachel only works days now, but now they are planning a wedding. They work, sleep, eat, and talk about wedding details.
Married May-forever: HOLY FREAKING MUFFIN CAKES! Rachel and Jono work DAYS and hang out together EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS.

See what I mean? Time together is a complete novelty, and we absolutely love it.

Our time together involves work sometimes, too, but at least it's together. We cook and eat together, we clean together, etc. So when there is actually time to relax, we really enjoy that, too. Sometimes we'll watch a movie, or go play games with friends, or go to bed early ( hasn't happened yet). But we never really watch anything on TV. You know, because we're so much better and more intellectual than everyone else.

Or because we're cheap and won't buy cable.

Or because commercials actually make our brains explode.

However! (And this is where we get to the part about TV. Did you catch that?)

However! We heard about this show that was to have it's debut last night called "I survived a Japanese Game Show." To be honest, Jono and I have never understood Japanese game shows. They are so demeaning, and the people in the audience just point and laugh and laugh and point. Also, I'm not sure any amount of prize money could be worth what I've seen some of them go through.

The beauty of this show, though, is that it happens to snotty, uppity, loud, annoying Americans (so you don't feel sorry for them). And they don't even know what they're getting into. So they come thinking they will be on a reality show, but then find out if they beat the game show they will win $250,000. (If you didn't realize, that's a lot of money. Just FYI)

So, for that much cash, they think "how bad could this be?" and the viewers think "really bad, moron!"

At the end I couldn't decide if watching this TV show made me as bad as the pointing, laughing, pointing, laughers...but I probably don't care, because I'm going to watch it again next week.


Jenny said...

That is so funny! I saw that show was on last night when I was looking for what was on and wondered what the heck it was!

Joy said...

Oooo, I'll have to see if we get that show! :)

lanes said...

I have been wanting to see that show, just because I know how ridiculous Japanese game shows are! On this one, do they actually inflict pain on the contestants?

tsbjf said...

I've been seeing the commercials for that! I thought it would make a good show, it looked pretty funny. I've watched the other ones with the voice overs, but this has got to be so much better.

beth said...

ah, yes, except you need to type it the way that they announce it...for instance