Thursday, May 29, 2008

Firsts For All

Magen has been working hard at getting in "firsts." So, when I achieved a couple myself, I thought I'd share them with you.

For the first time in ever, I marinated something. And I liked it! Also for the first time I made kabobs! And, it just so happens that the chicken on the kabobs was what I marinated. But it totally still counts as two unique firsts, ok?

Here's Jono sticking kabobs on the grill. You may take notice of the packages on the porch behind him. Thank you, Fed Ex, for leaving our valuables back there without letting us know. We appreciated that.

I'm so proud.

Jono wanted to add way more chicken than the recipe called for, which ended up being great. As he said, "there's never enough MEAT!"

Those boxes marked "Fragile" on the back porch? Yeah, they had some of our china in them. Thanks, again, FedEx!

Did I mention that we've already received two other packages with broken valuables in them?

Ok, onto a more favorable subject. After stuffing our gullets with kabobs, we made our way to the park to practice volleyball with other members of the church. They are in a parks & rec league this summer.

You can't see him right now, but he really is mind-numbingly handsome. Just take my word for it. See the awed expressions on Micah and Sam's faces? They think so, too.

Poor Barb. Rocky just didn't see her there.

(I love this picture. Don't judge me.)

I managed to get some pretty fun pictures, and I discovered something valuable in the process: hiding behind my camera saves me. Seriously! Nobody was saying, "hey, camera lady, why don't you put that thing down and come play!" I've found my excuse for staying out of the game, and I can use it all summer (because, really, who doesn't want a picture of themselves leaping into the air? They couldn't have that without yours truly)

Flipping sweet high five, guys.

Micah and Sam never lost their awed expressions, and Schumm just falls down before him. What a guy!

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. A more complete set of vball pictures will be available soon for your viewing pleasure.


lanes said...

Those are some great shots. See, having a camera isn't such a bad thing, eh? ;)

Joy said...

How fun! :( Sorry about your china...that's no good.

MagenRanae said... crack me up. My poor husband seems to be the butt of all your jokes!

Rachel said...

"all" my jokes?

In my last post, it was just his fault anyway. ;)

Jenny said...

I would probably hide behind a camera too. I'm not really a sporty kind of girl.

tsbjf said...

Dude, sweet shots! And good job with the marinade! Those kabobs looked so good. Bummer about the broken stuff.