Monday, February 15, 2010

Fake V-Day

Jono doesn't like Valentine's Day (and I can't blame him so much), but I always want to cash in on an excuse to have a date with my hubbers. So we agreed upon a sort of compromise and went out on Friday, missing out on the true Valentine's Day crazy-busy-ness. :)

We headed to KC and went to The Melting Pot.

It. Was. Amazing.


At the end Jono deemed it his all time best eating experience. That will be a tough one to top, for sure.

Disaronno in white chocolate? Have mercy!


lanes said...

Ohhhhhh ho ho ho ho

MagenRanae said...

:) That just means you guys should come to one of Micah's family fondue nights - great food and entertainment - and a whole lot cheaper! I'm sure they can top it in an instant!

Also, since V-day was on a Sunday, did Friday really beat the crazy? I thought a lot of people would push their date to Friday or Saturday b/c of that.

Ham said...

I'm not sure what disaronno is, but it sounds worth eating even without the chocolate!

tsbjf said...

Sounds delish! And ya, what is it with guys and the anti-V-Day feelings? That's it, maybe because they're supposed to show their feelings. An epiphany!