Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Dance!

I love, love, love this game.

I played it at a friends house and then immediately bought it with my birthday gift card (thanks Mom and Dad!). It is seriously SO fun.

I'm not sure if there's anything better than watching my super white friends (me included!) trying to dance to MC Hammer.

Also, it's really good exercise.

Highly recommended. :)


Tricia said...

I hate video games. I loved this! Though I couldn't help but nervously giggle the whole time because I was soooo bad. Oh well. Maybe we'll have to play again soon so I can get the giggles out and put on my game face.

tsbjf said...

Woah, you got mega spammed!

This game looks like it'd be really fun to watch people do! As well as play. What is really funny for me is watching Jeremy do the hula hoop game on the Wii fit.

Annemarie said...

That looks incredibly fun! Do you have to use the wii fit board or just the wiimote? How does it know when you're doing it right???!?!?! (shh, I think maybe I can trick it into thinking I can dance)

Rachel said...

All you need is the Wiimote. I'm not sure how it knows, but it does a pretty good job!