Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Take off your shoes, stay a while

When we got married and moved into our current home, it felt like a temporary thing. It's located very close to the college, has been well kept, and is pretty small. And by "small" I mean that it's not really any bigger than most apartments. We thought we could save up for a little while, buy a second house, and rent out the one we're staying in currently. I still love the idea of renting, but Dave Ramsey has caused us to change our plans.

Rather than take on a second mortgage (and just hoping we have a steady renter paying off the first), we decided that it makes a lot more sense to just hunker down for a while. With devotion to our budget we could pay that sucker off pretty quickly. As nice as it sounds to have a slightly bigger home, it sounds a lot nicer to not pay a mortgage. Besides, we aren't living a lower quality of life just because there's not an excess of space.

So, I think I'm ready to take a plunge of sorts. I'm ready to make improvements to our home. Thinking that the house would go to the mercy of renters, I thought I might as well leave the neutral tones on the walls, the stick-down tile on the floor, and the dishwasher-free kitchen as they are. But no more!

I'm kind of excited. And inexperienced. And on a budget. It's going to be great. :)

Because I know I have some exceptionally creative readers, I will probably be calling upon you for advice. For one: what colors make a room look bigger?

I just love knowing creative people.


Shawna said...

I am not sure wall color makes a room feel bigger or smaller. I think furniture placement and clutter are the biggies.

In picking colors I would go with that you LOVE!

luaphacim said...

Disclaimer: Shawna is undoubtedly more decorative and wise than I am on this topic!

With that said, here's my foolish thought: I think light colors make a room feel bigger... I bet that if our basement wasn't painted that creamish color, it would make me feel claustrophobic. As it is, it feels pretty spacious to me.

Joy said...

Yay, home improvement projects are SO SO fun....I really know nothing about making a room look bigger, though. I just decorate to make things look pretty...usually I pick a fabric that I LOVE and pick my colors from there.

Annemarie said...

They say lighter colors make a room bigger, but we live in a mini-place too and just decided to do what Shawna said, we went with what we love. We chose really bright colors, but only put them on some of the walls. The kitchen has one whole wall and a little other bit bright apple green, and the living room has 2 walls turquoise, it's really cool. Makes it feel a lot more like a home to have colors you like.

p.s. longest comment ever.