Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Over My Head

For a wedding gift we received a very generous gift card to a local nursery. I've been looking forward to planting lovely flowers all year, but now that the time has come I realize how little I know about...anything.

I know that I think daffodils and tulips are the cutest flowers. But I have a fairly large plot in front of my house that might look a little funny if it was composed entirely of those flowers.

All that aside, clearing that plot out will be work enough. The people who owned our house were trying to get something in there to grow fast to help sell the house, I'm sure, the ground cover is taking over everything.

But we have no choice. We have to plant something, because our gift card expires on May 3rd.

Ideas for a mostly sunny area are welcome!


Shawna said...

Several of the area nurseries will come out and design what you should do for free. They will draw you up a little map/blueprint. I know this b/c at our last house (new construction - so we were all starting our yards from scratch) our neighbors would call and have them come out and do their thing for free, then take the blue print to lowes/home depot. :)

tsbjf said...

Tulips are my favorite flower, but you have to plant them in the fall because they need to be in the ground for the winter frost.

Shawna's idea sounded great!