Friday, November 21, 2008

The Special World of Homeschoolers

Somewhat recently I was introduced to a board game called Generosity. Making it's debut in 1985 it is "an exciting, action-filled game uniquely designed to reinforce Christian values through real-life situational play. A thrilling challenge for the whole family."

Essentially, it is the Christian version of the slightly more popular "Life" game.

You go about pro-creating like mad and (hopefully) doing good deeds so that you can store your treasures up in Heaven (once described by my brother as an "Heavenly 401(k)")

This game is, in a word, hilarious. And though good deeds are nothing to laugh at, it's impossible to not enjoy a bit of irreverent behavior while playing this game. How could you take it seriously when you land on spaces like the ones below?

If you would like to learn the fascinating rules of this game, go here. It might just make your day. :)

And though I personally never played this game while being homeschooled, I did challenge my siblings to other intense, morally friendly games.


Tricia said...

Laugh out LOUD! We need to have another home school party.... but then again, I could hardly wait to get out of my home school mode the last time we had one. At the very least, we should play this game. Or get together and laugh about it.

tsbjf said...

Woah. I liked the finding the diamond in a chicken gizzard space, very creative.

luaphacim said...

Hehe... I remember playing this game SO MUCH. And the only real way to win was to
a.) Become a dentist
b.) Land on as many "children" squares as possible (hehe -- it is NOT possible if you decide to bypass the "marriage" square)
c.) Every chance you get, stuff money in your heavenly rewards envelope.

In retrospect... so problematic. :-)

lanes said...

If I remember correctly, I won this game the last time we played, right? Hmmm... I guess I'm the most eternal-minded person ever. Muahahahaha. Also, humble. ;)

You should write down all the quotes from me and Ned-- I'm forgetting those!

MagenRanae said...

Hehehe. So many things to comment on on this one... but I'll leave you with two:

1) Who would have someone not playing be the banker?

2) When can I play?!