Monday, October 13, 2008

Something Disturbing To Start Your Week Off

As winter slowly approaches we are being reminded that there are many things we want to get done before its cold, snowy fingers grasp our house. The weather is pleasant now, but let's not forget the tortuous cold of last winter. And Jono and I cannot forget the way that cold seeped up from below the house, causing frozen feet where ever they were bare.

Can you tell I hate the cold? Because I really, really hate the cold.

Wonderful Husband has been researching insulating underneath our house. The walls are fine, and overall our house stays warm. However, the cold really does seep through the floor, so that your feet are always cold, no matter the overall temperature of the house.

To get things started, WH decided to clean out the crawl space beneath our home. He had peeked down there before, noting scads of beer cans and spider webs (the latter ensuring that I would not be helping him clean). So, last week, he donned jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and gloves, and took the plunge.

He found...

  • Many, many, many beer cans.
  • Chicken wire
  • A small hay bail
  • Old, broken, window shutters
  • Millions of spider webs
  • Various types of trash
  • Leftover insulation
  • An animal's feeding bowl

I think I'm forgetting some, but you get the point. He spent several hours at his task. It seems like one of the previous owners liked to use the crawl space as his own personal lounge. He consumed many a beer down there. He also used it as a storage space for things that aren't useful.

To be honest, this seems to me like the kind of guy who's wife didn't appreciate his drinking habits (or his pack rat habits, while we're on the subject). This guess is backed up (somewhat) by our neighbor, who has known at least 3 of the previous owners. It's still just a guess, though.

The most disturbing thing found down there was not mentioned on the above list. It was found next the the feeding bowl. It was...

  • A cat skeleton

Those are the facts. I could speculate (as I did above) about the reasons for this skeleton and food bowl to be under the house, but I don't really want to. It's far too disturbing and confusing.


Tricia said...

OH MY GOSH!!! When I read that curve ball, I said "Ahhhhhh!" and my mom said "What?" but I didn't want to tell her because she would have been disturbed... dude! That's freaky.

lanes said...


Joy said...

:( ew.

MagenRanae said...


I guess this means that getting a cat is now a 'go' for you. Ya know, since you know that it's not 21st street that takes cat's lives.

tsbjf said...