Thursday, July 24, 2008

Honesty Box On Blogger

Someone called me "the queen of bitterness" yesterday.

And really, it didn't even bother me. Mostly because of who said it.

But it did make me think. I'd like to think that while I have become no less cynical or facetious, I have significantly lessened my tendencies toward bitterness or anger. But I guess when you spend too much time acting one way, you have to spend a whole lot of time acting another way before people will ever forget the way you were.

A simple lesson, right? An obvious lesson?

So why didn't I learn it before I was 22? Oh, well.

You may now slay me with whatever honest comments you have, for the betterment of my life in the future.

Have a great Thursday!


Joy said...

I always found your cynicism/sarcasm refreshing...don't look to me for any help!

Jenny said...

Haha! No comment!

tsbjf said...

Wait, what are we supposed to comment on? Make some kind of honest statement about you? We didn't hang out enough for me to know what to say here! As in, I don't have a conclusive personality opinion of you yet. Alas, I have only had limited Rachel exposure.

Reagan said...

The few times I have met you, I have been intimidated...(wait should I be writing this?!)