Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blogging From The Grave

Ever since Magen drew attention to the fact that you can schedule posts on your blog, I've been so happy. I use it a lot, even when it really serves no purpose whatsoever. Right now (Friday), for instance, I'm writing something that you will be able to read on Sunday. Saturdays post? Yeah, I wrote that just a few minutes ago.

This is wonderful for so many reasons. For one, if I have sudden bursts of creativity or imagination, I can get them all down and spread them out so that it looks like I'm creative all the time.

But ever since I knew about this I've had a more morbid thought. What if you could make it seem like you were blogging from the grave? Let's just say I set up a schedule right now that is supposed to appear in one year. Perhaps I won't die in a year, so before my time is up I schedule it for a year after that. This post could say something like, "I can't believe you threw away so much of my stuff." or "I saw that!!!!!" or "You might want to re-think your plans to skydive, unless you'd like to come visit me."

You probably think I'm terrible right now.

You're probably right.

Or, maybe in some ironic twist of mortality and karma I actually don't survive the weekend and I am, right now (on Friday) writing from beyond the grave (since you won't see this until Sunday).


Good thing I don't believe in jinxing myself! Right, guys?


Since I'm already on a somewhat morbid note, let me add that I request that everyone wear neon colored shirts to my funeral and eat a bazillion no-bake cookies in my honor. I'd like the cheapest burial possible, too.

Oh, and if you don't mind, my headstone should read:

Rachel M
Loved By Many, Killed By Robots


Jenny said...

This is hilarious! I read it to Nathan and he got a real kick out of it too.

MagenRanae said...

This is morbid, but it totally reminded me of something I need to blog about, so thanks!

tsbjf said...

That was so funny! And I never thought of that! Well, now I'm going to expect some things to pop up on your blog after you die, whenever that is. I guess no matter what happens you want it to sound like the robots got you. And I'm wondering what it reminded Magen of.....

lanes said...

Rachel, you're absolutely absurd, but that's why I freaking love you.

Joy said...

He he he, I love you SO much...also...what ever happened to wearing tie-dye to your funeral!!?