Saturday, July 18, 2009

KC Day

A few weeks back Jono and I took my two youngest siblings to KC for an evening. We visited Fritz's, which was fun and greasy enough to last us a while. We then took them to buy snacks in order to be well stocked for the drive in movie. They had never been, so we were excited. We had borrowed a mini van and just pulled down the seats, laid down lots of blankets, and chilled out.

Now, I know I have complained about movies. But even if I loved almost every movie I saw, this would have been a bad movie. We saw Transformers 2, and it had to be one of the most pathetic excuses of a movie ever. It was still a fun time, as we had snacks and a drive in experience, but nobody really thought the movie was any good.

Last time I went to a drive in (which was also my first time) I took Beth and my cousin. We saw Pirates 3.

I'm beginning to think I'm doomed to watch only crappy movies when I try drive ins.


Joy said...

Well, if all you see at the drive-in is sequels you're most likely doomed only to see crapy movies at the drive in. (statistically speaking)

tsbjf said...

Pirates 3 was AWFUL, I agree. We rented that when it came out, and I walked out very near the beginning and let Jers finish it by himself. It's like, the movie producers try and make sequels more awesomer, but they usually just end up more cheesy and dumb. There are the exceptions, but you know, on the whole that is usually true. Maybe that's why Kevin Costner never did sequels. Haven't seen Transformers 2 yet; seems like people either hate it, or love it.

Rose said...

Teehee, t'was very fun though! Thanks again for that, Rachel and Jono! It was totally fun!